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Wish your Photo Lab could compete with the Big Boys?

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"Lab Images" expands and compliments your current capabilities.

With our system:

You will have the ability to sell Websites and Blogs to all of your photographers.

You can offer the most advanced shopping cart on the planet to your Photographers - many languages and currencies.

You will have the ability to sell Photography Shopping carts with a kiosk-like look and feel that customers will love

You can have a remote ordering system on your site via our Consumer Upload feature.

You can offer direct fulfillment to your photographers using the shopping cart you provide – any DP2 product or we offer other ways to get the order.

You can offer website templates and Blogs to anyone (not just photographers) – a great way to keep your sales people busy during slow times.

You will be able to offer multiple wholesale pricing options for photographers as well as multiple retail pricing options for use on your own website.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you have found the solution you are looking for...

Plus a whole lot more!

Have you lost customers to competitors like Smug Mug or Zenfolio and want them back?

Are you trying to find a way to keep your customers closer?

Do you want to sell directly to the public?

Are you looking for an easier way for your customers to place orders?

Are you losing customers because you do not offer websites and shopping carts?

Would you like to increase your bottom line by selling websites to your customers?

Would you like to be able to help your photographers use more of your products and services?

Do you offer different products or prices to different types of customers?

If you had the most advanced system for managing photographer websites and shopping carts, could you build a bigger company?


If you use DP2-

Do you currently use a system that is too limited or does not integrate with your DP2?

Do you want to offer all of the products you have in DP2 to all of your customers?

Remember, if you answered yes, to even one of these questions...
Then Lab Images has the solution for you!

This is the e-commerce solution, for Professional Photo Labs, that you have been waiting for.

Since 1998, MorePhotos has played a significant role in helping photographers sell online. Our new system allows you, as a lab, to take advantage of this 17 years of knowledge. You can use it to win back your old clients by adding services they need, and add new clients by showing how easy it is to keep your services local.

You can do all of this and even use your own branding! Contact MorePhotos today at 231.932.0855 ex.15, to find out how easy and affordable using this system can be to add customers and increase your bottom line...