Three Amazing Opportunities for Labs

1) Become an Integrated Print Vendor:

- We bring you our entire network of photographers

- You set up your products and pricing

- Our efforts which improve photographer’s sales, means more business for you

- Flat 25% sales commission rate

- Our software is DP2 compatible for full automation

2) Become an Exclusive Print Vendor with Photographers that You Sign Up:

- You sign up photographers to use our system

- Your customers will only see your lab’s products

- We provide your lab with a unique code that gives your photographers their 2nd month free

- Photographers pay us for hosting their websites and shopping cart

- They order exclusively from you directly, with 0% commission paid to us

3) Offer Websites, Online Hosting and Shopping Carts with Your Own Brand:

- You offer everything MorePhotos offers under your name and domain

- You get access to one of the most powerful software systems available to professional photographers

- We take care of the technical side so you can focus on printing products

- No risk to you, no massive web system and hardware to maintain

- Selling websites is highly profitable. Call today to get all of the details, 231-932-0855 ext. 15.

Our website builder alone is a very powerful tool. We have found that some of our labs have begun selling websites to anyone or any company that needs one. This opens up an entire new income stream to you!